Tips For Selling Your Home: Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

Tips for selling your home

Tips For Selling Your Home: Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old real estate adage “Location, Location, Location.” But, as you think about selling your home, I encourage to think “Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!”  The net is plenty of  Tips For Selling Your Home but I believe this summarizes all the others.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with clients, and experience that single moment as we drive up to a home, and they exclaim, “This is our house! We love it!” Perhaps it’s the way the home sits on the property, the mix of field-stone and cobbles, the grass yard, stately columns… Something calls out to the buyer. We call this curb appeal. And, you, as the seller, have control over how you present your home for that all important buyer first impression and the key of the Tips For Selling Your Home

To make sure you home has curb appeal, I recommend you take a camera and take photos of your property from every conceivable angle. Drive into your property from each direction, taking pictures along the way. Review the photos objectively, deciding which features to accentuate, as well as the areas that need improvement. Develop a “to do” list, and then get cracking on bringing your property up to showcase status.

Remember, a sale can be made or lost as a direct result of your home’s curb appeal. For more information, please give me a call and we can discuss the presentation of your property in more detail.

I hope you did enjoy this Tips For Selling Your Home.

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