3rd Annual Silver Lakes Pumpkin Patch Event

Scenes From The 3rd Annual Silver Lakes Pumpkin Patch Event

We had a terrific time, the costumes were fantastic, and we have a decorated pumpkin at home from our awesome afternoon at the 3rd Annual Silver Lakes Pumpkin Patch Event. We had a blast at this year’s event, not only because of the fun activities, but also because of the mingling with our friendly Silver Lakes neighbors! Our youngest neighbor is only 10 days old!!!

If you are planning on attending next year’s event, make sure to check out our Pumpkin Patch Event Guide, which includes useful tips. In the meantime, enjoy the scenes from our afternoon at Silver Lakes and share this post with your friends!




We hope you’ve enjoyed these scenes from our afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch Event.

Don’t forget, to check out our blog for the upcoming December event.

Happy Halloween!

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