6 Tips For Attending The Pumpkin Patch Event With Kids

6 Tips For Attending The Pumpkin Patch Event With Kids

Colorful Pumpkin

  1. Wear a costume.

While it’s not required that kids wear a costume, it sure adds to our enjoyment. Our favorite part of the afternoon is taking in all of the elaborate costumes! Since this is the one event of the year where everybody is allowed to wear a costume in the neighborhood, kids like to take advantage of it. Wearing a costume also gives you the added bonus of planning what you are going to wear – which for us just adds to the magic! And, in case you’re wondering, kids love The Annual Silver Lakes Pumpkin Patch Event.

  1. Keep it light.

While temperatures in Pembroke Pines are cooling down a bit, the average high is around 84 in October. It can still be quite muggy, especially after those still-frequent afternoon rains, so parents should dress their children (and themselves) accordingly. Think twice before outfitting your little monster as Bigfoot, at least a head-to-toe furry Bigfoot. Consider bringing a change of clothes for younger children “just in case” and picking up rain ponchos at your nearest dollar store before you leave for the event.

  1. Get to the event on time

This is the single-most important tip for maximizing your fun. We highly recommend you get to the Silver Lakes Community Park early, so you can spend as much time taking pictures and decorating your pumpkin as you need. By the time the pumpkin decoration is ready, kids will be ready for the playground. It’s delightful to see all those costumes plying around!

  1. Do the most “in-demand” activities first.

Kid’s favorite part of the event is decorating the pumpkins. Mom’s favorite activity is taking pictures of her little ducklings with all the decorations and the lake gorgeous view.

  1. Bring a bag.

Since there is a playground and painting activities –last time, even the ice-cream truck showed up- bring a bag with disinfecting wipes for those small hands. A bottle of water and a snack may also be a good idea. A blanket would be useful if you want to sit and enjoy the park shade while your kids are in the playground.

  1. Make time to mingle. All your neighbors will be there, so be ready to say hi to the ones you know and welcome the new ones. This year, we met our youngest neighbor, a baby boy only ten days old!!!

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